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PR: staying ahead of the game


More than 10 years into the collaboration with our client Seagate, leader in the data storage market for over 25 years, keeping up with PR events would have been quite a challenge. But it’s exactly the type that our team here at OneChocolate enjoys tackling.

Strategically, the choice of location has much to do with ongoing PR/social media campaigns or product features. This set the stage for fun, to offer a playful nod to themes such as ‘memory loss’ or ‘becoming a superhero with Seagate’.

Relationship-building that strengthens, in size and in depth, year after year
The PR lunch turned into an annual event much anticipated by journalists who became fans of Seagate. The first edition gathered more than a dozen journalists, and the number has been steadily growing over the years. At the last luncheon the attendees included 35 journalists, with a ratio of 60/40 of IT/lifestyle publications.

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