What We’ve Done

Creating qualitative content for PR and social networks

Kaspersky Lab

In preparation for a key product launch by Kaspersky Lab, our challenge was to develop content that was both appealing and relevant to the French market, in order to secure wide media coverage for the strategic announcement.

We conducted a study, in collaboration with Opinion Way, on the theme: ‘Generation Y, their use of social media and its incorporation into their work environment.’ The results and lessons learnt from this study led to the creation of different types of content (media alerts, opinion pieces, press releases, tweets, LinkedIn posts, infographics), as well as the setting up of a press luncheon. The guest of honour André Perret, author of the book ‘How to work with Generation Y’, presented the results of the study and its conclusions.

Twelve journalists attended the press lunch conference. More than 40 articles were generated in 2 days, over 100 articles by the end of the campaign, plus 3 radio broadcasts, and references continued to be made to the study for a year. And high social engagement/sharing of published infographic.

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