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Reviving a photography equipment brand


Riding on the wave of success of GoPro cameras, Rollei, one of the big brand names in photography in the 1920s and 1930s, wanted to launch its Action Cam product range for the general public, aimed particularly at the younger demographics.

Upon the successful launch of Rollei in France, we were looking to go beyond simple product placement, to highlight our client’s USP (unique selling proposition) when introducing Rollei to the lifestyle media.

In addition to a regular product review programme (to engage journalists), we designed and developed a bespoke event for Rollei: a pop-up showroom set up in an original setting in the centre of Paris, attended by journalists from the general IT press as well as the general public, who were able to discover the full range of products available and leave with a press kit.

Today Rollei is recognised as one of the leading market players.

Rollei is now established as an excellent alternative to GoPro products, owing especially to its accessories which are regarded as the most interesting ones available on the market. Product testing allowed the journalists to discern the difference in quality and innovation in design of the Rollei product ranges.

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