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Using offbeat images to appeal to women’s magazines


Expedia, a major global player in the online retail travel market, was looking for a fun, original way to present the results of its very first study on the winter holiday habits of the French. The PR challenge? Picking the right women’s magazines and getting journalists to attend an event scheduled for early December, just a few weeks before the year-end holidays.

An invitation, sent to journalists, to breakfast in a prestigious hotel near the Champs Élysées: in keeping with the study’s winter theme, the room was turned into a snowy mountain set and for a full immersion, journalists were given iconic Moon Boots to wear (and to keep)!

The Expedia challenge was successfully met despite the tight timing: there was a good media turnout for the press event, the study was presented to double figures of journalists from women’s magazines, including Biba, Ohmymag and Lifeandstyle.fr, as well as the daily paper 20 Minutes.

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