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Digital Marketing

We design bespoke campaigns that amplify your message on social media and help maximise your media coverage. Our aim is to capture the attention of your potential leads in unique and original ways, through organic, paid or influencer channels.

Engaging and converting audience with a creative and interactive campaign.

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Building Seagate’s community from scratch, OneChocolate’s mission was to attract as many users as possible – quality potential leads – and to convert the target audience, an audience base that we needed to grow.

Social media management that involved content planning with a monthly editorial calendar to ensure consistency of posting as well as exhaustiveness of chosen themes. In addition, an event was run every quarter (eg contest) to galvanise the campaign and attract new fans. A good example was the History Revisited contest where fans were asked to create photos associating a Seagate product with one of the works of the Old Masters. The event was a crowning success, creating buzz through humour and interactions. The winning entry was rewarded for the best photo by a jury.

+500 fans after every campaign
Growth of Facebook fans from 100 to 19,800 within the first year of running the campaign, +5000 for the following year
0 to 1500 quality leads within 18 months

Finding the right creative angle and the right influencer to make their launch a success

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Introduce a new brand in the highly saturated telecommunications market in France, targeting entrepreneurs and small business owners, a much sought-after market segment who poses many challenges, as each buying decision is made at the expense of their own salary. IP telephony and video conference solutions by the new player Spoka aimed at those who only invest in tools that are absolutely vital for their businesses.

To reach this target audience on social media and help Spoka’s newly created Facebook and Twitter pages take off, we produced a series of 6-second humorous mini-videos on Anglicisms used by the French and other business newspeak that ‘pollute’ the workplace. The purpose was to illustrate the use of vocabulary that hinders effective communication between colleagues and stakeholders. A contest was organised concurrently, one where participants are asked to send in expressions that they find annoying, either via comments or video recordings. The prize for the winning entry is a training designed for a small business team – all their members – who are keen to give it a jumpstart, provided by an influencer well-known by the target audience, Isabelle Mathieu.

Isabelle Mathieu promoted the contest within her own social network, and did product testing for one of Spoka’s solutions, which she published on her blog. This resulted in a significant positive impact on the success of the campaign as well as the videos’ reach on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Crafting and delivering targeted messages to the right media and the right audience.

Driving market leadership through business storytelling, branding, and compelling content.