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Last June, we launched the first press relations rates calculator in France, which aims at rendering PR rates more transparent. Edouard Fleuriau-Chateau, Managing Director for OneChocolate, agreed to a Q&A un order to give us more information about this new tool.


Why did you create such a calculator? Where does the idea stem from?

I realised there were a lot of preconceptions when it comes to PR, especially the recurrent issue about rates being calculated “depending on the customer”. Obviously, it is a misconception, but it is often difficult for people who are not privy to our job requirements to determine what lies behind all these costs. When we calculate rates, a number of items are taken into consideration – like for example, the amount of activities, the amount and frequency of activity reports, the degree of seniority required depending on the account, etc. All these elements can lead to substantial variation in rates, which might be confusing for outsiders.


Could you clarify how this tool works?

We wanted to create an easy-to-use tool. In under 7 questions, businesses obtain a price range that may be used as a negotiation basis to choose a PR agency. Keep in mind that the rate provided is merely an indication, however. Rates should always be aligned to the overall communication project. Nevertheless, this pre-determined price range allows businesses to predict costs and plan their PR activities more easily.


What kind of businesses was it designed for?

It was created for businesses of all sizes and sectors which are planning to hire professional PR help or wish to compare market rates to their current bills.


How long did it take to develop?                                                                                                                

Around 8 months. When I started this project, I honestly thought the process would be much quicker, but we spent a considerable amount of time perfecting the tool and making it as accessible as possible. Lastly, we wished to curate the visual aspect to find the right “look and feel”.


Why didn’t you launch it under the OneChocolate label?

This tool’s primary objective is to offer businesses the most realistic rates possible to allow them to assess several agencies and choose the one they want to carry their PR activities forward. This is the main reason why I did not want to publish this calculator under our agency’s label. Moreover, OneChocolate specialises in new technologies and we did not want to limit this tool to a single market. If companies from other sectors contact us after using the calculator, we will not hesitate to refer them to partner agencies that fit their needs and share our philosophy.

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Edouard Fleuriau Chateau OneChocolate Director

Edouard Fleuriau-Chateau